Identifying Good Phrases for Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing is not just about posting mere articles online for the promotion of a certain product or service. As a fundamental in search engine marketing goes: watch your content as it drives your website. Content can make or break your marketing strategy so you better have a watchful eye on the content of your article.

Good phrases on your content can be the key to a great traffic on your website so try considering the following factors and reminders:

An article does not have to be written perfectly with all the flowery words, just the right keywords and phrases and it can be perfect for being concise. One of the vital aspects in search engine marketing is having excellent search phrases. There are factors that an online marketer must go through in selecting the appropriate keywords and phrases that can hook the readers on the first minute they lay their eyes on your article.

A successful advertising and marketing campaign comes with a good research on the area of ​​concerns of a certain product or service and the prospect clients that will make use of it. A marketer must first explore to see what type of words and terms individuals are using to come across items in your marketplace. With this you are gathering the specific type of customers you are targeting. If you use wide keywords and phrases, you can still get a good deal of visitors to your site, but not the ones you targeted to be in your traffic.

Employing an expression like "make money" is not an example of an appropriate key phrases for a marketer to make full use of. There are a huge number of reasons individuals "make money" and most of those reasons do not include making dollars on an e-book. With this, a lot of veterans in the search engine marketing industry stress the worth of excellent keywords and phrases and on how they can be used effectively. What one can do is have an advertisements with the phrase "make income on an e-book". Thus, online users who are looking for a book about creating income on the internet are the individuals who can possibly buy a product or service, and these very people are the ones you targeted.

If generating excellent search keywords and phrases is not your forte, then there's a lot of room for practice as it eventually develops your skills in developing good keyword generation. However, there are other marketers that turn to search engine optimization computer software for help as this will enable you to evaluate keywords wherein it will choose key terms that are low in competition so you can create the most targeted traffic with the automatically generated key words.

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Submitting Your Site To Search Engines


The submission process is merely telling that search engine that a site exists and has nothing to do with rankings that in the search results.

The process of submission is a lot different from Search Engine Optimization.

Before you submit the sites make sure that site is ready for submissions:

· Complete all the pages. Leave no “under construction” sign.

· Validate all the links.

· Complete the Search Engine Optimization.

· Test the page compatibility with all search engines.

· Use Robots.txt or Robots META Tags to prevent pages you want hidden from being indexed.

· If your site is an e-commerce site, test your ordering process or shopping cart for bugs.

· Google “web site usability” should be used to test usability.

Prepare a Text File/Spreadsheet:

This will help you while submitting the site. It is to keep all required info in one place.

Write the following in the file/spreadsheet:

· Your website’s main URL

· The URLs for other pages on your site

· Your site’s Title (the name of your site as you want it listed in engines)

· A short description of your page/site content (Around 20 words)

· A long description of your page/site content (Just 40 words)

· A list of target keywords for your page/site

· Name of person doing the submissions

· Email address of above person

· Address and contact details of your company (some directories may ask for this)

If you are using a spreadsheet you can also use a date/remarks column to keep track of the key points of submitting the site.

Steps to submit the site:

First check if the pages you wish to submit are already indexed or not? If they are there is no good reason to do so again and again. Different engines follow different ways to submit the site.

Site Submission at Yahoo:

Yahoo is basically a directory of websites. It takes around two to six weeks to get listed in Yahoo. Yahoo has different categories where in some are free while some are paid. The paid ones are priced at $299.If you find your desired category as free Bingo!! Just go ahead and do the submissions. Else you may need to buy it.

In case you have made a wrong submission the Human Editors will modify or edit it.

Submitting to Google:

Google is not only the number one search engine on the net but also the best in crawling through all the websites on the web. Currently it crawls through almost 4 billion websites adding to its already huge database. If you are not sure whether your site is indexed or nor just type in your URL and search. It takes almost 60 days for Google to index or re index the pages and add to its database.

Currently there is no Pay per Inclusion programme present for the site submission.

Submitting to Global Business Listing:

A Pay Per inclusion search engine, Global business Listing, it is rather very economical and may help you place your site amongst the very first results in Google also.

Currently numbered four in the Google listings for Food Growers, Luxury Car Dealers and Pharmaceutical Industry Manufacturers, it is a reliable way t o get better listings.

With a listing it also offers discounted web hosting service as apart of the package.

Also come to links to your website thereby improving the page rank of the site.

Submitting to Alta Vista:

Now the paid submissions are faster then the free ones for this Search Engine.

They require typing some graphical numbers and characters while submission top avoid the automatic submission engines from cluttering the database. It usually takes 2- 4 weeks to finally index the site.

The submission process can be free and paid also. The paid one is faster then the free one. To start the paid one, one needs to fix a budget that will be spent on the whole process.

To start with, get the Yahoo listings by paying an annual membership. This will get you a placement in the Yahoo’s human-compiled directory.

After submissions, just concentrate on the content of site ands wait for at least 60 days. As they say all the good things to those who wait, you will discover joys of getting good placement in the rankings, after this time only.

Source by Matt Bacak

The Profit Loophole Strategy


After coming out with two controversial products, MSN Loophole and Authority Loophole, SEO Expert Dave Kelly may have redeemed his reputation with his newest creation Profit Loophole. Profit Loophole is based on his direct experience building informational sites, monetizing and promoting traffic to them and then finally selling them at the right time for maximum profits.

While most affiliate marketers concentrate on building sites and believe they can hold onto them for future income streams, Dave Kelly's experience is generally the opposite. He argues that income will peak and drop over time due to a number of factors and selling sites before this happens is the smartest thing to do.

It's hard to give up something you've worked hard on and put hope into, but Dave's idea makes sense. From my own experience I have many sites that started off well, and then eventually almost all the traffic and income they produced disappeared.

I just finished writing another product review for a new site and I'm wonder how long it will last for the time and effort I'm putting into it. If I follow the strategies Dave discloses in his Profit Loophole course, maybe I will not have to be concerned about the future of my site. I will know how much it will fetch for a sale and just move on.

For anyone like me who has non productive sites that just sit around collecting virtual dust, perhaps the site flipping tactics inside Dave Kelly's Profit Loophole can turn these sites around for nice profits.

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Online Marketing Strategies – What Strategies Work


The world of marketing today has been revolutionized by the internet. To stay competitive and be successful you need to have effective strategies for your online marketing campaign. Online marketing also has several other names like e-marketing, internet marketing, or e-marketing. This type of marketing uses the internet as a medium of marketing and targets a global market. The efficiency of this medium will depend on the marketing strategy that you use. It is easy to know if it is an effective strategy because you will start to see a higher return on the investment by increasing sales. The online marketing strategy that you chose has to create traffic to your website so they can see what your company offers and turn visitors into customers.

Some of the online marketing strategies that work and can help increase your business and profit can include:

• Having an organized website-your website is the basis of e-marketing so you need to ensure that it is informative and well-organized. To establish the identity of your website make sure that you select a suitable domain name. It should be short so it is easy for customers to remember. It should also define the service or product you are trying to sell or offer.

• Pay on page placement-this online marketing strategy is cost-effective. It is where you can approach an advertising company to market your service or product. It involves creating favorable pages for optimization and subsequent attachment of the pages to the website. This strategy can help to get you higher ranking in different search engine results. The reason it is so cost-effective is that you only have to make payments when the website reaches the ranking in search engine results that you expect.

• Search engine optimization (SEO)-this involves optimization of your website for increasing traffic to your website. This is done by improving the ranking it is found in the results of people using search engines to find websites that offer what they are looking for. When you generate suitable content, you can increase traffic to your website. You need to make sure you are using the right key words to be ranked high in search engine results. You should also add links on your website to other related websites. You need to make sure that you are using the right HTML coding.

• Advertise-there are various ways that you can advertise your website. You can use banner advertising, advertising on social networking sites, newsletter to previous customers, and more. Advertising is very important if you want to get potential customers to your website. If you have no traffic, you are not going to generate business and increase sales and profit.

Source by Lora Davis

Outsourcing Your Marketing Can Pay Off


Think about outsourcing your marketing needs and you can save money as well as get results. What you can gain depends on who you work with though, so be selective. Find a B2B marketing agency with a strong reputation, a want to help you, and creative employees who continue to challenge themselves to reach out to the market.

You will have the opportunity to share with them what your business is all about. Don’t worry, they are going to take the time to really learn about your business so they can offer you specific benefits. They will learn the dynamics, your goals, and other details so nothing falls through the cracks.

Rely on Them

Take your time to find the right B2B marketing agency to work with though. You need to be confident you can count on them to be a driving force behind the scenes for your business. You shouldn’t have to micro manage them or continually ask what they are doing for you. Instead, they should have a solid strategy in plan and keep you updated with what is taking place.

What can they Offer?

You may be surprised at all the options offered to you with B2B marketing agency services. This can include creating and managing campaigns, managing social media, public relations, helping you to launch new products or services, and other services to fit the needs of your business. They can often customize packages so you will get exactly what you need.

Realistically, you can’t ask those already working for you to take on more. If you spread them too thin, the quality of what they deliver is going to suffer. Plus, it could mean they start to look for jobs outside of your company. In reality, they may not have the right skill set to be doing this type of promoting for you. Put that into the hands of experts if you want results that matter.


Most business owners find outsourcing their marketing through a B2B marketing agency will save them money. They don’t have the same fixed overhead they do when they hire someone in-house to do the work. Plus, they often get a team of experts, not just one person, working on their needs. This offers more creativity and strengths so the process works.

Being able to get positive results to promote the business, to increase sales, and also lower overhead at the same time adds up to a very good outcome. The cost will depend on who you hire, the services they offer, and other variables. As you talk to them about what they deliver, they can give you a price quote.

Forge a Relationship

Keep in mind as you seek out a B2B marketing agency that you want to forge a strong relationship with them. You want to continue to work with them now and well into the future. They should be able to offer services that change and grow as your business and as your industry does. They should keep an eye on economic and social factors too that influence consumers.

With a B2B marketing agency, they want to keep you as a customer so they strive to keep you happy. They gather facts to forecast what is ahead and how trends are going to be evolving. This can help you to be a leader among your industry too so you are one of the top providers as people look for a product or service.

They are going to continue to improve their own skills, use the best resources, and the best techniques. That is all they focus on while in your own business, it isn’t possible for them to have all that available to them. Outsourcing is a wonderful way to get what you need taken care of and to see amazing results for your business.

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